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Coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate. To date thousands of people have been infected and many have died. Schools are shut,  businesses are suffering, the vulnerable are isolated and an estimated one third the planet is in lockdown. Needless to say, we want to help...

…cue the World Grows Wild Campaign!


Founded in March 2020, #WorldGrowsWild is a not-for-profit campaign run by a network of creative volunteers including tv producers; graphic designers; mulit-award winning editors; web developers; and marketing and communications experts - all working towards a common purpose, to help those in need.

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We are calling on the Great British and Northern Irish public to raise charitable funds by letting their hair grow wild…..All of it! The campaign is targeting everyone to let their hair grow wild, wherever it may sprout!

So why not ditch the scissors and razors and become an official ‘Sprouter’ by either making a pledge donation or by creating your very own fundraising page!


About National Emergencies Trust


The National Emergencies Trust is a charity set up to raise funds from the general
public in the event of a domestic disaster or emergency. When a disaster hits, the Trust will collaborate with charities and other bodies to raise and distribute money and support victims. The funds collected will be distributed by local partners on the ground in the areas affected by the emergency event. The National Emergencies Trust is a registered charity no. 1182809. For more
information, visit nationalemergenciestrust.org.uk.


Tag us in your hairy pics! @worldgrowswild

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